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Mar 20, 2017
How to Choose your Wedding Photographer

Your wedding is the biggest day of your life and needless to say, you want all the memories from this day to be captured perfectly. So what do you do? You find a perfect wedding photographer, who knows your requirements like the back of his hand, and captures the events like a dream. As always, we are here to help you with that, here are the steps to find ‘the one’ for your wedding photography!

  1. 1.   Research! Research! Research!

Like any important task at hand, where you begin the work from scratch by researching, finding a photographer for your wedding is no different. It all starts from research. Important thing is, that you start it months in advance, because most of the good photographers get booked for the season quickly. So ensure that you begin the search as early as possible, possibly right after you have your wedding date locked!

To begin the research you can refer to your bestfriend, Mr.Google, or your actual best friends, relatives, friends and family etc. Make a list of all the names you gather and prepare yourself for the next stage of your research.

best pre wedding shoot

  1. 2.    Skim and refine!

From the list that you have prepared, check out photographer’s website, Facebook page, Twitter, and blogs. It’s important that you don’t go just by the highlighted pictures on their Facebook pages and highlighted galleries on their website, because ofcourse everyone puts up their best work on display. Go deeper and try and take a peek at the pictures of the people who are tagged in these photographs. This will give you a fair idea about how their work is in general.


 3.    Understand your requirements

Before you take a step further and make your choice, it’s important that you know your requirements and what kind of photographer you want. Are you looking for a photographer who’s an expert with Portraiture? Or are you looking for someone who’s great with Candid Photography? Stressing on the importance of this point, Fotocult photographer Sunil says, ‘I meet a lot of couples who do not know what they exactly want. While we try to help them by showing our previous work and narrowing down options, the job would of course become far easier if they would actually know what they are looking for’

In the end you’ll have to take a call what kind of photographer you would like, our suggestion is think in through and be prepared from the very first stage. Make sure you don’t get carried away by what’s trending on Facebook or any other social media. Have your own choice and then look for those photographers who fit the bill!


  1. Schedule the Interviews

The next step would be to set up interviews with the few prospects you have narrowed down. A lot of couples get tad bit lazy doing this one, because obviously wedding planning is a lot of work and can sometimes be jarring. But remember, a little extra effort on your part would reap you great benefits in the end. Ensure that you meet all the photographers that you have narrowed down to. Ask them relevant questions about their equipments, size of the team, and the budget. Also do not forget to see their full albums. Focus on the details. Ask them to get the albums that are in alignment with your idea of wedding photography. For instance, if you are going to have a wedding at night, ask for a wedding album they shot at night and do not get influenced by the beautiful shoot they may have done during a destination wedding at an island. Remember specifics and tiny details matter!

5. Ensure you get each other

A lot of people think, choosing a good photographer, means choosing someone who is excellent with work. While that of course is the most important aspect, there is another aspect that must not be neglected and that is, to find a photographer who understands you and your requirements. ‘Being a good photographer is not just about clicking great pictures, it’s also about being a people’s person. I am particular about the clients I take, and most of the times my relationship with extend beyond just wedding functions. I ensure that I understand their requirements well, and for that I am always ready to go an extra mile, and put an extra effort if required.’ Says Sunil, who’s got testimonials from his clients, who vouch for not just his photography but also for the kind of person he is!


  1. 6.   Note the post production details                                                                                                                                

  2.  After you have chosen your photographer, discussed terms and conditions, agreed on the budget, only remaining and the final step is to have full details of the post production of the album. Make sure you discuss the time frame in which you will get all your pictures, or your videos. If you are going to get the film printed from any other sources discuss about your rights and go accordingly.

         In the last, make sure that you do not choose your photographer in a jiffy. Take your time in making the final decision, and do so only after you are completely satisfied with everything. After all it’s going to be the biggest day of your life,  and it’s important that you accept nothing less than the best to capture it with perfection